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Cargo Van 4WD

Enterprise Truck Rental has well-maintained, quality cargo vans available for use at job sites or day-to-day commercial needs. Our light-duty cargo van rentals have up to a 1 724 kg payload. And with available bulkhead options and 2-person seating, these van rentals are great for light and moderate hauling needs for your business. Start your reservation now. 

  • Up to 1 724 kg Up to 1 724 kg
  • All Wheel Drive All Wheel Drive
  • 7.36 M 7.36 M

Cargo Van 4WD Features

  • Up to 1 724 kg (3,800 lbs.) payload*
  • 2-person seating
  • Cargo capacity up to 7.36 M
  • Gas Engine
  • All Wheel drive
  • 5.1 km/l fuel economy - actual performance may vary
  • Interior dimensions 320cm x 142cm x 139cm (126" x 56" x 55") (LxHxW)*
  • Exterior dimensions 556cm x 208cm x 247cm (219" x 82" x 97.4") (LxHxW w/Mirrors)
  • Available with bulkhead option
  • Great vehicle for light and medium duty dry cargo hauling and moving

Standard Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Power Steering

We have truck supplies- contact your local branch for availability.

*Actual cubic feet and payload may vary by year, make, model and location.


Apply for a Business Rate Program.

Let our local truck experts build a custom rental program to fit your business’s truck and van rental needs. 

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07 Oct 2019
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23 Oct 2019
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Cargo Capacity* 131 ft³ 239 ft³ 270 ft³ 313 ft³ 323 ft³
Payload Up to 1,850 lbs Up to 2,000 lbs Up to 3,000 lbs Up to 3,200 lbs Up to 4,000 lbs
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Gas Engine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Interior Height* 124 cm 137 cm 142 cm 134 cm 202 cm
Interior Width* 121 cm 137 cm 137 cm 132 cm 137 cm
Commercial Upfit Capabilities Ask locally Ask locally Ask locally Ask locally Ask locally