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Long-Term Truck Rental

Meeting Your Needs Across Canada

Realize fleet savings

Businesses in industries like oil and gas, construction, mineral exploration, or alternative energy often need light-duty commercial grade trucks for projects lasting 30 days to six months—or even longer.  With Enterprise Long-Term Rental, you’ll get a vehicle equipped to meet your needs all across Canada.

Enterprise Truck Rental provides vehicles to corporations, municipalities, and provincial governments.  We offer you a single point of contact, competitive rates, and 24/7 roadside assistance.  And our coast-to-coast presence means we’re close enough to your job site to deliver the vehicles you need, when you need them.

More Than A Rental Truck

The right trucks when you need them

More than just dependable vehicles, Enterprise offers you a total transportation solution to meet your specific project needs. Whether it’s revolving amber lights, tow hitches, tool boxes or buggy whips, we’ll outfit your trucks with the right features and accessories to help you get the job done in more than one region across Canada.

Outfit your truck to meet your project needs with:

• Revolving Amber Light            • Truck Caps

• Tow Hitches                              • Heavy Duty Tires

• Buggy Whips                            • First Aid Kit

• Fire Extinguisher                      • Stake Beds

• Box Liners                                • Flat Decks

• Back Rack                                 • Tool Boxes

• Snow Tires

Your Partner for the Long Run

Solution to meet your needs

Because we work as your strategic partner, we are able to provide custom transportation solutions rather than “one size fits all” programs. By understanding your business, we can help you make your fleet more productive by supplementing it with rental vehicles when you need to complete an important long-term project.

Pick Enterprise for your long-term project needs. We’ll keep you on the job.

"Specialized Features"

"Because of the business we’re in, we need trucks that are equipped with specialized features. Our Enterprise team always makes sure our trucks are properly outfitted for our project needs."

Gail F.
Construction Management
Services Canada