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Real-Time Tracking Truck Telematics Technology.

Run your fleet smarter with truck telematics powered by Geotab and Enterprise Truck Rental.

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Get to know Geotab:

The simple, plug-and-play device logs real-time data about your vehicles.

As soon as your drivers hit the road, this remarkable technology uploads key data to your Geotab web portal – data you can use to monitor and reduce costs, ensure compliance with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates, help improve safety, and improve productivity.


Track your most important driver and vehicle data.

Using a combination of vehicle monitoring and patented GPS technology, Geotab will send reports on:

• Real-time location

• Speed and idle time

• Driver vehicle inspection reports

• Vehicle data, including battery usage and more

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The Benefits of Telematics for Trucks: Quick Insights

Telematics in trucks is used to collect data through the usage of GPS technology, sensors, and onboarding diagnostics – a system that that reports the truck’s diagnostics.

When you use telematics across all or part of your fleet, you get new insight into where your vehicles are and how they’re being used – all from a single web portal you can access anywhere. Here’s how:

  • Increase Safety: Improve driver safety by creating custom alerts based on vehicle speed, braking behavior, vehicle location and more
  • Improve Compliance Management: Ensure ELD compliance through automated Hours of Service (HOS) logging and Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • Enable Preemptive Vehicle Maintenance: Telematics helps fleet managers identify vehicle maintenance issues to prevent major problems in the future
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Maximize productivity using real-time data to track fuel usage and optimize routes

Ready to see what telematics can do for your business?

Learn more about Enterprise Truck Rental’s telematics program and the benefits for your fleet.