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What you need to know about a truck's the battery life and tire condition

Our job site ready trucks are equipped with features to help you get your job done. Below are tips to ensure operations go as smoothly as possible when it comes to maintaining battery health on your rental vehicle, as well as ways to stay alert to changing tire conditions.



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About Truck Battery Life


Lift gate motors consume a lot of battery power. Truck operators should keep the vehicle running whiile using the lift gate on the rear of the truck, as much as possible to prevent a dead battery. If the battery warning light appears on your dashboard or your truck fails to start after running the lift gate, contact your local branch for assistance. 

Running the vehicle periodically during lift gate operation is an easy way to prevent issues which can result in expensive delays to your schedule. Driving and general idling will help to keep the batteries charged. 

Before idling, check the anti-idling laws in your area by visiting 








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Tire Information

Drivers should be alert to changing tire conditions. Driving on under-inflated or over inflated tires for an extended duration may cause irregular wear and tear, potentially damaging sidewalls and/or treads. Customers are advised to periodically inspect tires for irregularities, and contact local truck rental location whenever there is a question concerning tire condition.

Should the low tire pressure light appear illuminated on the dashboard, customers are advised to safely pull over the vehicle at the earliest convenience and either contact the Enterprise Truck Rental branch, call roadside assistance, or take the vehicle to the nearest service center for inspection. 





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