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Important tips for trouble-free driving when the temperature falls.

  • Keep trucks plugged in to an A/C source overnight to maintain engine warmth.
  • Use Diesel Fuel Additive (Anti-Gel) with every fill-up.
  • Prior to cranking the engine, leave the key in the "on" position and wait until the engine preheat light turns off.
  • Avoid using Starting Fluid; It will severely damage the engine.
  • Warm up the engine and operate the liftgate prior to loading and driving the truck.
  • If a jump start isn't successful, refrain from further attempts to start the engine.
  • Try to maintain at least 1/2 tank of fuel whenever possible. Doing so will help prevent fuel from freezing.
  • Drain condensation from the air brake tanks to help prevent brake related issues.
  • Avoid flooded areas such as low level loading docks - prolonged exposure to water may freeze brakes.
  • Turn off all lights (outside, inside box and liftgate switch) - batteries will quickly drain in colder weather.
Should you experience any issues, please contact your local rental branch.

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