Truck and Van Rental Resources- Enterprise Truck Rental


Learn ways to reduce the occurance of roadside breakdowns your truck.

Enterprise Truck Rental prides itself on having well-maintained rental vehicles. Whether you've rented our trucks before, or this is your first time, we understand that some vehicle systems, equipment and warning lights may not be second nature. Follow the links to below to learn how to read and react to signs your truck needs maintenance

Diesel Vehicles

Learn more about the diesel vehicles in our rental fleet, including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and diesel particulate filter (DPF)

Battery Life & Tire Information

Find out more about keeping your rental truck running smoothly with helpful tips to reduce strain on battery life and ways to stay alert to changing tire conditions.

Transport Canada Compliance

Find out how to appropriately conduct a Transport Canada inspection on your rental vehicle.

Box Truck Manufacturer Videos

Watch our vehicle manufacturers have put together helpful overviews of our trucks to learn more about operating your rental vehicle.