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Customer Case Study

Company Name: Pitt Express Systems 
Industry: Final Mile, Delivery Services
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Types of Trucks: 26' Box Trucks, 16' Box Trucks


Pitt Express Systems is a final-mile service provider operating in a 450-mile radius around Pittsburgh. Trucks are an essential component of the services provided by Pitt Express, and so their business objectives are to control costs, improve productivity and grow their business. For years, the company owned and managed the maintenance for their medium-duty trucks, but needed to improve balancing costs and maximizing up-times.



A partnership with Enterprise Truck Rental has helped Pitt Express free up budget previously needed for self-managed maintenance. Through the rental program, maintenance is covered* and replacement vehicles are readily available to help minimize delays. Pitt’s drivers are now operating reliable, late-model box trucks, which removes the need for the company to purchase new trucks.

Pitt Express can rent commercial-grade vehicles that are dock height and equipped with lift gates to ensure the truck fits the job needs. The company can keep more trucks on the road, gain access to replacement vehicles and continue to satisfy the needs of their customers.



Enterprise Truck Rental has enabled Pitt Express Systems to realign resources to improve productivity and focus on their customers. Having reliable trucks that Pitt Express drivers can depend on promotes a more efficient operation. From a budget perspective, Pitt Express has a monthly fixed cost for their rental trucks enabling the company to budget for expenses and focus to grow profitability.



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"As a small company, it is very challenging to manage maintenance expenses, break downs, and deciding how to purchase new trucks. It only took one rental to see the benefits of renting vs owning medium-duty vehicles. We see incredible benefits with using rental trucks that allow us to focus more on our business and the customers we serve."
Matt Miller
Pitt Express Systems
Pittsburgh, PA

Pitt Express's Key Results 


*Maintenance covered refers to routine maintenance and is limited to oil changes, fluids, brakes and tires, but does not include repairs required that are a result of neglect, abuse or collision. Repairs to aftermarket equipment and glass are not included. Additional terms may apply.