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Moving Company Improves Cash Flow and Grows Busines with Truck Rental Program

Customer Case Study

Company Name: Dose Moving & Storage
Industry: Moving and storage services
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Types of Trucks: 26' Box Trucks


Dose Moving & Storage developed a multi-year business plan to help them stay competitive and grow. To achieve their goals, the company would have to buy one box truck per year. Securing cash for down payments and getting financing, along with having funds to cover maintenance and other expenses was a large undertaking in the early years of the company. Dose Moving needed a simpler way to get more trucks that would help balance their operational needs and keep costs low. 


After alignment with Dose's company objectives, Enterprise Truck Rental put together a strategy for long- and short-term box truck rentals. The program removed the burden of vehicle ownership but allowed the company to expand its fleet of vehicles to meet the demands of its growing business and customers. 



Over the years, Dose has built a lasting business partnership with Enterprise Truck Rental and the local sales team. Enterprise is reliable and has the right truck available when they need it. By leveraging Enterprise Truck Rental, Dose has been able to use capital to expand its business, keep a balanced operation and meet its business objectives. Driver satisfaction is at an all-time high because they can be productive and operate newer, well-maintained vehicles. 



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Dose Moving's Key Results 


"Enterprise Truck Rental is the modern way to grow your fleet. With affordable weekly or monthly rates and the flexibility is truly the future. We rent more during our peak season. It helps us maintain a consistent fleet without the traditional financing obligation. After all, if that truck is not on the road, it's not making you money. In our experience, Enterprise is the only way to truly have cost control."
Marilee Dose
Founder & CEO
Dose Moving and Storage
Phoenix, AZ