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Enjoy the most convenience and control of any Universal Fuel card.
About WEX Fuel Management Program

Enterprise Truck Rental has partnered with WEX to offer customers a Fuel Management program that works. WEX is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience providing companies with fuel management program solutions. WEX offers companies a way to simplify, control and secure the fueling process. Learn more about the benefits and features of a WEX Fuel Management Card Program.

  • UNIVERSAL ACCEPTANCE - WEX Fuel Cards are accepted at over 90% of U.S. retail fuel locations and 45,000 service locations nationwide.
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE - Have your questions answered or cancel lost or stolen cards immediately with the support center available through WEX.
  • TRACK VEHICLE PERFORMANCE - Review cost per mile and miles per gallon while flagging any other reporting variances.
  • CONTROL - All of your vehicles' fuel-related expenses are tracked with one fuel card.
  • SET PURCHASE LIMITS - Set up your cards with limits like dollars per day, fuel type, etc.
  • DECIDE WHICH PURCHASES TO ALLOW - Decide what you need to review, then select any exceptions you want reported.
  • POWERFUL ONLINE TOOLS - Online reports provide you the fastest way to see, manage and control fleet activity in real-time.
  • VEHICLE ANALYSIS REPORTING - Show fueling and maintenance purchases made - for hundreds of vehicles or just a few.
  • CUSTOM REPORTING - See exceptions, transaction summary and transaction detail reports.
  • EXPORT REPORTS - Download reports directly into your own spreadsheet to easily analyze and share within your organization.
  • SAVE 5 CENTS - Save money on all gallons fueled at Exxon, Mobil, Conoco and Phillips 66/76 locations.
  • ACCEPTED - Fuel Cards are accepted at nearly 10,000 Exxon/Mobil and 7,400 Conoco, Phillips 66/76 locations nationwide.
  • ADDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE - WEX Cards are accepted at over 90% of U.S. retail fuel locations, nationwide.

For more information on savings opportunities and the different program options, call 1-855-667-4558, or contact your local Truck Rental branch.